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Welcome to the Khine Lab website!

We use thermoplastic shrink film as the platform for the technologies developed in our lab. Please watch this video for the lab's history and a brief overview of only some of the many projects in the lab.

Check out 100 Tiny Hands, an outreach initiative to empower young children with hands on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics toys that teach modern science concepts!

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The Khine lab festivities

khine lab holiday party 2013

Family portrait on the steps, Holiday Potluck 2013

Khine lab Hawaii conference in  Maui
Graduate students celebrating the end to a very successful IEEE-EMBS MNMC conference in Maui 2012

Khine lab wearing our tshirts
Getting ready to play volleyball at the IEEE-EMBS MNMC conference, Maui 2012

Khine lab Kickball
Khine lab kick ball team 2011

Khine lab holiday party 2011
Family portrait on the steps (pt. 2), Holiday potluck 2011

Khine lab celebration
Celebrating Michelle's tenure 2011

Khine lab holiday potluck 2010
Family portrait on the steps, Holiday Potluck 2010



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